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Agents’ qualifications raise the bar

26 May 2014

Those who a few years from now look back on what the South African residential property marketing sector has undergone in recent years will have to accept, firstly, that a radical transformation has taken place in estate agents’ education and, secondly, that this has upped the professionalism and self-respect of agents to a greater degree than any other single factor.

It has been gratifying to many estate agents at last to be able to see themselves as possessing recognised qualifications.

The Estate Agency Affairs Board’s insistence that agents qualify has been one of the reasons why their numbers have dropped so radically – in fact by roughly 65 percent - but this too has worked in their favour as they are now more and more seen by the public as members of a small, more elite group.

Whilst the new qualifications undoubtedly raise the intellectual and general knowledge standards of agents, they do not guarantee that the agent will pick up a true service mentality.


This focus on good prospects is most obvious when it comes to feedback and maintaining contact several times a week which is essential even though the agent may have no news. A “too busy”, entirely results-orientated agent can on occasions avoid contact with his client for days, even weeks.

It is vitally important for the in-house training systems of the major estate agency groups to continue to focus on service to all clients, irrespective of the prospects - and it is a fact that when such an outlook is fostered it always works in the long run to the agent’s benefit.

“If there is one thing clients appreciate, it is an agent who cares and who keeps in contact at all times.”

Taken from an article from Property 24 Newsletter


Author: Paula Harding

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