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It is was great delight that the second babies home, neighbouring Fairhavens Babies Home, officially opened at the end of 2014. The fresh year has witnessed the new home welcome their first foster child, a little six year old boy, along with three babies waiting in the wings.

As primarily a short stay foster care home and not a transitional babies home like Fairhavens, the new home provides love and care for children who have already been assessed by Child Welfare and are now in the sometimes lengthy process of finding a suitable and loving family.

Fairhavens has cared for six babies during the first two months of 2015, with a little girl being released into the loving arms of her adopted family in February. The Domino Foundation wishes her and her new family well for their bright future together.

Mel Turner, Project Manager for Domino Babies Homes, is excited for 2015 and one of her dreams is seeing the developmental and simulation programme for both Farirhavens and the new home come alive. Last year the programme was developed to help stimulate the babies and Mel hopes to see the programme implemented properly this year by really using the time and love of the volunteers efficiently. Mel would also love to see more educated professionals offer their services at both homes, providing the children with even more love and support.

Thank you to all those that have donated their time, resources or treasures to the two babies home, your input has not gone unnoticed! Here’s to 2015, a year of endless possibilities!

Author: Paula Harding

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