Umhlanga Rocks, in the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal is widely regarded as having one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. It is embraced by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and is situated on the east coast of South Africa, and north from the city of Durban. The area is not only defined by its vast oceans, but also excellent accommodation including, self-catering holiday apartments, lodges and B&B’s. 

Chas Everitt Holiday Rentals is at the forefront of providing the finest self-catering holiday accommodation located in the popular, uMhlanga Rocks and Ballito. Our holiday homes, which consists of cottages and apartments, are ideal for a breakaway along the coast, with facilities that cater for every need.

Our Holiday Rentals Agents are professional, experienced and always eager to go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the finest service and will assist you in finding your most ideal self-catering holiday-home. 

We have two branches, one in uMhlanga Rocks and the other in Ballito Bay. This allows our agents to be conveniently situated near our holiday-letting options and available for our clients on a regular basis. 


The history of Chas Everitt’s Holiday Rentals spans back 14-years-ago, when we entered the uMhlanga property market as Lighthouse Property Group. For well over a decade we have built up a reputation as the leading short term self-catering specialists on the north coast. 

This division within Chas Everitt Property Rentals was created out of the need to supply holiday-makers and business people with comfortable and luxurious homes during their stay in uMhlanga and Ballito.

Throughout this time we have built a strong relationship with the Umhlanga Tourist Board whom we are fully registered and compliant with. The tourist board provides a central platform to search for accommodation, attractions, entertainment, information and current events in uMhlanga. 


Chas Everitt’s Holiday Rentals is a game changer in KZN’s holiday-letting sector, mainly because it brings the provinces most desired locations to people from all walks of life and allows our guests to wake-up to breath-taking ocean views in various parts of the north coast. Some of these areas include, Lagoon Drive, Lighthouse Road, Willard Beach, Westbrook and eMdloti (uMdloti). 

We guarantee that you will find the best accommodation with modern fixtures, amid attractions that are internationally renowned, closely situated to restaurants, malls and a range of activities. 

Price range and accommodation

Our holiday rentals are all self-catering, affordable and in the heart of KZN’s tourism hub. Our rates range in price, depending on your preferences and season (high-season, mid-season, low-season and out-season). For example, during high-season you can rent a holiday apartment in Lagoon Drive, uMhlanga Rocks for R3 550, with three-bedrooms and two bathrooms. In low-season, it is available for R1750. 

Some of our current accommodation in uMhlanga Rocks includes Breakers Resort, The Shades, Oysters and Bermudas. The majority of our apartments are situated on Lagoon Drive and have direct beach access and is walking distance from uMhlanga Village.  

The Chas Everitt Holiday Rentals Division has three full-time rental agents who currently manage approximately 110 privately owned self-catering homes in uMhlanga, and two agents in Ballito Bay who manage 40 homes. 

Regardless of the occasion, our agents will guide you at each step of the way to help you uncover a holiday-rental that is suited to your size, location, price and preference. The accommodation we provide caters for a myriad of occasions including, family holidays, sports club getaways and business trips. 

Planning these trips away should be exciting, easy and affordable, it is for these cornerstone reasons that our division was established and upholding this has resulted in a strong relationship with our clients, based on trust, mutual respect and high standard services.


Our services are two-fold, firstly we assist those in search of self-catering holiday homes in uMhlanga Rocks and Ballito (for a period between one night and five months) by streamlining and managing their holiday-search process and secondly, we manage each privately owned home on behalf of landlords.

The list of managerial roles we perform is extensive and some of these functions include: 

•    Effectively overlooking the cleaning of each apartment and cottage by specialist outsourced companies.
•    Enforcing certain policies, such as, not renting to under 25 year-olds and in the case of evictions, ensuring that the correct procedure is carried out and dealt with by our company lawyers. 
•    The on-going maintenance and upkeep of every home by our full-time Maintenance Team.
Over and above this, we ensure that each holiday-letting home featured on our website has a business licence which can be arranged by us at a cost. The main requirements for a business licence includes:

1.    Proof of ownership of apartment
2.    Membership to the local tourism office - Umhlanga Tourism
3.    Public liability insurance
4.    Electrical certificate of compliance
5.    Floor plan of establishment
6.    Inspection by municipal official


To allow for our services to deliver to modern needs and retain its competitive edge, the Holiday Rentals Division has a fully integrated software system that ensures an advanced and fully computerised self-catering booking system, with enhanced features to allow owners useful figures, statistics and information regarding a return on their investment at the touch of a button. Our online website provides a central location to find and book your ideal holiday home, and enables you to get in-touch with area-specific agents. 

Chas Everitt Holiday Rentals brings you the best self-catering holiday-homes from KZN’s most opulent locations. Our agents and online website will ensure that your holiday rental search is effortless, while providing the best accommodation that uMhlanga and Ballito has to offer.