Chas Everitt Property Rentals' Holiday Rentals Agents in Umhlanga and Ballito Bay are guiding you all the way to some of the best self catering holiday accommodation establishments in Umhlanga Rocks, on the beautiful KwaZulu Natal North Coast, from accommodation for that annual family holiday or Sports Club getaway, to accommodation with conference facilities for those all-important company business trips.

Branches: Umhlanga Rocks and Ballito Bay

Holiday Rentals Manager: Umhlanga Rocks and Ballito: Nicolas Dekker

  • Short Term Rentals 1 nights – 5 months
  • We have contracted the services of a leading information technology company, to create a software system for both our Holiday and Long Term Rental Divisions. These modules were written over a period of four years and all technical support is done by Business Connexion. Our Holiday Rentals Division now have the most advanced fully computerised self-catering booking system in South Africa, which has greatly enhanced efficiency, and offers owners useful figures, statistics and information regarding a return on their investment at the touch of a button.
  • We have three full time Rental agents and currently manage some 110 privately owned self catering apartments in Umhlanga and two agents in Ballito Bay, managing 40 apartments. Our Holiday Rental stock levels have grown over the years, to a point where it has become necessary to outsource the cleaning of our apartments to a reputable cleaning company who specialise in this field. We have entrusted our business to  Hospitality Solutions. Over the past months we have built a strong relationship of mutual respect, trust and high standards, and this has paid off in a mutually beneficial business relationship for both companies.
  • The Holiday Rentals Division has a strong policy on not renting to under 24 year olds and any eviction procedure, if necessary, is dealt with by our Company Lawyers. We have a full time Maintenance Team who manages the on going maintenance and upkeep of the apartments.